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About Us

Urban CountryUrban Country is an accomplished progeny of the USD 20 Million Suri Group - one of the largest exporters of footwear, in India. Its highly sought-after quality products find the pride of place in top stores across United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, America, Isarel, Australia and New Zealand.

The need for smart formal footwear and accessories that could offer supreme comfort throughout a workday has been long felt. Urban Country brings together style and comfort exclusively for working Indian professionals (both men & women), may they be business owners, executives or managers. Urban Country doesn't sell just shoes. It offers solutions for feet. Our products and services end the dilemma of having to choose shoes which are trendy but not comfortable or comfortable but not trendy.

  • A brand designed exclusively for modern Indian working professionals.
  • International designs.
  • A perfect combination of style and comfort for professional men and women.
  • Range of premium leather accessories.

Urban Country has also brought the internationally acclaimed TredFlex brand to India. A rage in Europe and South East Asia, TredFlex has a unique combination of Comfort and Air technologies to redefine all-day comfort in shoes. Moreover, it is made with the finest quality soft upper leathers and natural rubber outsoles. TredFlex is a perfect combination of unmatched skill and advanced shoe making technology, providing style that's easy on your feet.