The Loafer guide

If you are having any problem in choosing the right loafer for you? Here’s the ultimate loafer guide for you. The loafer’s you might be wearing now, might not be the trendy ones. With the help of this simple guide, you will have a better understanding of the loafers, their different styles and get a chance to know about the history as well.


The characteristics of a loafer


  • A lace-less shoe, so it’s easy to wear
  • Low shoes, that means your ankle part will be exposed, and they do not wrap around the ankle uncomfortably
  • Contains a separate sole
  • It is often, a low heel
  • Moccasin-like structure in the upper vamp, but not a moccasin
  • Some loafers contain a section of leather across the vamp part, known as a saddle

From the above characteristics of the loafer shoes, now one can easily know what a loafer shoe is like? There are a few key differences for which you can easily distinguish a loafer from a moccasin:

So, the above characteristics, let’s one identify a loafer easily.

  • Loafers have a heel
  • All loafers have a separate sole
  • Loafers do not have an embroidery or any ornamentation or beading on the upper side


History of the Loafer


The origin of loafers has many stories, some say that they evolved from the moccasin, adding to your confusion, right?

However, from the two mentioned theories let’s clear your confusion:

Theory 1: they have evolved from a Norwegian man who crossbred the old style of Norwegian footwear and the native American style.

Theory 2: Supposed to come from the English royal commission which was formed as a dress code for the house shoe.

The exact source is difficult to pinpoint; however, the story of its evolution is interesting.

From the above two theories, the loafers have been categorised as follows:


The different types of loafer shoes include:


The Wildsmith loafer: They were designed keeping in mind for a comfortable indoor wear, for a casual fashion wear actually. When they gained their popularity, they began to be worn indoors as a casual wear choice.

The Aurland loafer: It came up as a new loafer design with heels and was popularly known as the Aurland loafer.

The penny loafer: The penny loafer has an individual strip of the saddle with a diamond shape cut out.

The tassel loafer: Easy to slip on consisting of a leather lace and a decoration with a tassel.

The Gucci loafer: The Gucci loafer consists of a golden brass strap across the front side of the shoe.

What are you waiting for? Grab a pair of this lovely loafer shoe!