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Here’s our History...

The journey of Myurbancountry began in the late 1980’s. It was founded in the name Suri Industries, opening a chapter in a remarkable story that continues to unfold to this day. It is now a flagship company of a group engaged in leather products for over 4 decades. Our 4-decade history says it all; our shoes have seen fashions in footwear return time and again- everything from wedges, heels, sandals, sneakers. We have maintained both quality and fashion. It is where our heart and soul lies, and still, as always, we continue to put that heart into every pair of our shoes we create; stylish footwear that protects and cares our customers’ feet. We are located in the North-Indian leather cluster of Kanpur with an abundant supply of shop floor level human resource. We have 3 Production factories in Kanpur, 500 kms from southeast Delhi.


Myurbancountry has additionally launched the globally acclaimed brand in India. TredFlex, a rage in Europe and South East Asia- it has an interesting mix of solace and air technologies to redefine the day in shoes. Also, it is made with the finest quality delicate upper leathers and regular elastic outsoles. It is an immaculate blend of unmatched aptitude and propelled shoe making innovation, giving a style that is simple on your feet.

Now, with the construction of unit 4 construction in 2015, it will double the capacity of production.

Myurbancountry doesn't offer just shoes. It offers a complete solution to your feet. Our products and services put an end to the issue of choosing shoes which are not only popular but are comfortable and fashionable.