Explore our range of premium leather men's footwear. From elegant dress shoes to groovy sneakers and chunky boots, we ensure the quintessential gentleman is always well turned out.

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Genuine Leather Shoes for Men

Urban Country has a great collection of leather footwear for men made for different occasions. Check them out.

  • OFFICE SHOES: Urban Country offers trendy and sleek formal shoes to carry it every day to your workplace. The quality is up to the mark and the design is also fresh and fabulous. Typically when we look for footwear which has to be worn to the office every day, it needs to be robust and comfy. Leather footwear is the best option for your daily food needs. You can pick from various colours suiting your personality.
  • PARTY SHOES: Party footwear need to be elegant, classy and fashionable. Other features can wait. If you are looking for such type of footwear to be worn to the happy hours' party then Urban Country will not disappoint you. There have a great number of stylish leather footwear.
  • CASUALS SHOES: When we talk about casual footwear, we actually mean comfort. Leather footwear gives you a comfortable feel which plastic footwear or any other footwear will hardly give you. Urban Country comes up with a stunning collection of leather casuals. The designs are lightweight, chic and fresh.
  • BOOTS: Boots need to be tough and high-temperature resistant only it will serve its purpose. Urban Country offers you amazing boots which are stylish and sturdy all together.